Steinway Investment Brochure

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Steinway Investment Brochure

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Something that increases significantly in value? Of course. But maybe an investment can offer greater rewards as well. Something of exceptional quality. Something that endures. Something handmade, and one of a kind. Something to treasure. Something to share with your family. Something that enriches your life every day. By that definition, a Steinway piano is not only an incomparable musical instrument, but also an investment instrument unique in all the world.

Steinway Investment Brochure Steinway Investment Brochure

Included in this Brochure:

  • Historical Listings of Steinway Prices
  • Price of a Steinway vs. Inflation Comparison
  • Quotes from Prominent Financial Publications on Steinway Investment Value
  • Historical Appreciation of Steinway Grand Pianos
  • The Best Time to Invest in a Steinway
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