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The Sterling Steinway - Featuring beautiful nickel hardware and a silver cast-iron plate, as well as a high-polish polyester finish, these stylish pianos combine the ultimate in modern design with the unmistakable Steinway Sound.

Onyx Duet - The dynamic Onyx Duet Steinway piano has a dual personality, with an all-ebony finish on the exterior and stunning Macassar Ebony—also known as French Rosewood—on the underside of the lid and inner rim.

Pops Collection - Vibrantly colorful accents breathe character into an ebony grand piano. A rainbow of color choices make this special collection piano an exciting choice to express personality, individuality, and style.

Chinoiserie - This delicate artistic style features whimsical imagery of Chinese landscapes and motifs. The result is a look that evokes Chinese porcelain and unmistakable Eastern grace.

Heirloom Collection - Created to clearly distinguish the finest vintage Steinway pianos in the world, the restoration quality and authenticity of these magnificent instruments are 100% certified by Steinway & Sons.

A personal selection, a passionate expression. Imagine the possibilities.

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