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Red Pops

Vibrant color accents breathe
character into an ebony grand piano
in a rainbow spectrum of choices.

Inlay: From prized rare hardwoods to shimmering gemstones, or mother of pearl, inlay can create wide ranging effects in any style. Whimsical and feminine or clean contemporary lines, subtle details or bold statements sit seamlessly in a mirror smooth finish.
Butterflies, Geometric Diamonds

Painting: From a striking abstract from the Lynx Special Collection, to a delicate garland of roses encircling the case, or a family portrait on the music desk, the possibilities are endless.
Luminosity, Event Horizon, Clair de Lune, Presidential Piano

Personalizations: A family crest passed through generations, a meaningful
symbol, or a newly designed custom monogram can leave a personal mark on a special creation.
Monogram piano, Family Crest, Children’s Portrait

Color and Specialty Finishes: A rainbow spectrum of colors and finishing techniques may be added to selected areas for an eye-catching pop or to an entire piano. Specialty finishes such as Lynx’s Onyx can add artistic texture, a metallic flake can lend a touch of sparkle, or crystal application can make a big statement.
Red Pops, Black Swan, Radiant Grey

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A personal selection,
a passionate expression.
Imagine the possibilities.

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